Admission Requirements

ATEP is an elementary off-campus community based collaborative cohort program, designed to improve the educational success of Aboriginal children by increasing the number of Aboriginal teachers with an understanding of Aboriginal perspectives in communities in Northern Alberta.  While this program is intended for Aboriginal students, all students are encouraged to apply.

Urban Cohort: Secondary

The Urban Secondary Cohort is a four-year teacher secondary education degree program where students will attend school at the University of Alberta from September 2017 to April 2021 and learn to teach grades 7-12. This urban cohort is for Aboriginal students only.

Students will follow set Social Studies major and an Interdisciplinary minor. The Interdisciplinary minor program focuses on Indigenous languages and cultures in the classrooms.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements are:

  • An average of 68% is required
  • English 30-1 is required
  • Social Studies 30-1 is required (Aboriginal Studies 30 included)
  • 3 additional 30 level courses are highly recommended

Applying to the Urban Cohort

Paper application accepted at our office only - please do not apply online. A nonrefundable admission fee (new student) of $125.00 is required and can be paid by cheque or money order made out to the “University of Alberta”.

Deadline for application is: May 31, 2017

More information about the Urban Cohort

ATEP Four-Year Degree Applicant Requirements for Off-Campus Collaborative Program

Years 3 & 4 of Elementary Route

Applicants to ATEP must have 60 specific credits completed in order to be considered for admission to the final two years. 

ATEP After Degree Applicant Requirements

To be admissible to the After Degree program, applicants must present:

  1. An approved 3 or 4 year Baccalaureate Degree.
  2. An admission grade point average of at least 2.0.

Note: All students in the After Degree program must have 6 credits (usually two courses) in English Literature and Composition. Students who do not present this at the time of admission will be required to complete this coursework prior to being eligible to graduate from the program.

Please contact Undergraduate Student Services for more details.

Academic Standing

  • Students who have been required to withdraw from an accredited post-secondary institution should contact ATEP to discuss the implications related to admission.

Transfer Credits

For additional admissions information, consult the University of Alberta calendar:

Secondary route program

Delivering from year 1 to year 4 of the Secondary Education Degree. This program includes a social studies major and an interdisciplinary minor.


  • English 30-1 
  • Social Studies 30 or Aboriginal Studies 30