Is this program restricted to Aboriginal students?

ATEP is open to all eligible students; however, one of the goals of ATEP is to see more First Nations, Métis and Inuit teachers in the classroom. This is our target group.

What do I graduate with?

Once you have completed the required 60 units of course weight you will qualify for a Bachelor of Education Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Alberta.

What will I be able to teach when I graduate?

This is a generalist elementary program; therefore you’ll be qualified to teach in any K-6 classroom in Alberta.

Is this program of the same quality of the on-campus program?

Yes, this program meets all of the same standards and rigor as the on-campus program. You will graduate with the same Bachelor of Education degree as the on-campus students. However, you will have an enriched program that has been infused with Aboriginal histories and perspectives.

Is there funding available?

ATEP does not provide funding; however there are many sources of funding available. Please see the University of Alberta's financial assistance web site, as well as the First Nations, Inuit, and Metis Funding page.

How is this program different from other programs?

This program works towards developing a greater understanding of the Aboriginal culture and perspective on teaching and learning, primarily in schools where Aboriginal children are learning. We offer a community based model and work closely with our partner colleges in all phases of program development and delivery. Elders are involved in many capacities but their primary involvement is in the classroom and in the student teacher learning process. There is a site coordinator for each cohort to provide additional support.

When will the program be in/or near my home community?

In order to deliver a program we need to have a minimum number of eligible students at the delivery site. We are constantly in touch with our partner Colleges to monitor numbers and interest. Once this is determined we begin planning the program. As much as possible, we try to plan for program delivery with a minimum of a year’s notice. Please refer to the web site for updates. If you would like more information about the possibility of ATEP coming to your local college and community please use the Contact Us link on the side of this page.

Thinking of Applying?

What academic qualifications do I need to get into ATEP?

The minimum GPA (see our glossary of University terms) for ATEP is 2.0; as well an approved undergraduate degree or 60 units of course weight in specific approved classes (see link for explanation). When you know ATEP is coming to your college, contact your student advisor or the ATEP student advisor in Undergraduate Student Services at the University of Alberta if you have any questions.

What do I need to be able to apply?

You will need your official transcripts from every college or university that you have attended.  This can be a time consuming process of the application process.   We suggest you request your official transcripts as soon as you can; students cannot be admitted without official transcripts.

There is a non refundable application fee that you have to pay when you apply to the University of Alberta.  The fee for application if you have never applied or attended the U of A before is $115.00 and if you are a current or former U of A undergraduate student (including those from Augustana Faculty) the fee is $75.00.

If you have ever been required to withdraw from a program, please speak with the ATEP student advisor in Undergraduate Student Services.

Who do I contact for information?

You can speak to any one of the individuals listed under Contact Us. Or if know a program is coming to a College close to home you can speak to one of the College contacts listed under Partners/Links.

Current Students

I’ve forgotten my password – what do I do?

On Bear Tracks  click on the forgotten password button. It’s important that you remember your University of Alberta Computing ID. You will need it to register, and for all on-line communication with the U of A. You will receive an ID when you apply to the University of Alberta.

I have a financial hold - what do I do?

If there is a financial hold on your record, for example: do you have outstanding library fines, parking tickets, or do you owe money for tuition? Check the 'Financial Holds' option in the 'Personal Portfolio' menu on Bear Tracks to see if you have a hold on your record, the amount owing, and which Department you need to contact to clear the hold. Once you have cleared your hold, your record will be active and with no holds.

Are you trying to register in a section that has restricted enrolment? After you’ve ruled out all potential problems and you are still experiencing problems please contact your site coordinator for help.

I have lost my ONEcard - What do I do?

You can report your ONEcard lost on our website 24 hours a day. During office hours, you can contact the ONEcard Office at (780) 492-7924.

Health and Dental Plan – I want to Opt out of this program – how do I do that?

To assist students to pay for health services and dental services – your student union has a collective health plan in place. However, not all students require this plan. If you do not need this plan you must Opt Out of the plan. Go to the Health and Dental Plan site and follow the directions.